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  • Concentration needed

    My lecturer just produced some frightening figures from last semester’s exam papers. Apparently, the four papers I am taking are among those with the lowest passing rate. Hence, it is time for me to drop my happy-go-lucky attitude from now on. My updates on the Net is increasingly rare and it will remain this way. […]

  • tweetboard is now live!

    I just implemented tweetboard onto my blog, finally! I had an headache finding out how come the script did not work. I had to ask Amy to check if the board was woking last night. I even used different browsers to try to suss out the offending error. Eventually, I found that it is the […]

  • Wrapping up on #bthon

    This is a continuation of the previous post: Hey to the peeps at #bthon. A really delayed post to boot. I went back Tangs at about 12pm. The initial plan was just to collect the $50 voucher.But the plan derailed when I help @HillaryChan and @geekonomics to bring in their lunch. I bought ginseng chicken […]