tweetboard is now live!

I just implemented tweetboard onto my blog, finally! I had an headache finding out how come the script did not work. I had to ask Amy to check if the board was woking last night. I even used different browsers to try to suss out the offending error. Eventually, I found that it is the Gigya Socialize widget that caused the problem. The Gigya Socialize plugin is still active though. It seems that the widget has to be re-coded by the programmer if the widget has to work with the tweetboard (Note to self: shoot a forum post to the developer of Gigya Socialize). Next problem is the flash overlapping the widget, time to get it solved! Edit: Done! I think. If you guys encounter any flash elements overlapping the tweetboard, drop a tweet!

Everyone can use their Twitter account to comment on my blog now! You can ask tweetboard for an invite too! Just tweet the following:

Requesting an invite for Tweetboard Alpha ( by @140ware, for my site:

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