Tag: Twitter Inc

  • Branding: Tale of Two Airliners

    Thanks to the power of Twitter, I came across two Youtube videos. The above video is promoting Singapore as a tourism spot, the Japanese way. It is creative and original. It makes me laughed out at the potential misunderstanding that the spout off Merlion’s mouth is for bathing, is not! Although the video is intended […]

  • Family on Twitter

    OK, half of my family is on Twitter: my mom (though she rarely check on that), my sister and me. My sister mainly uses tweet.sg to update her tweets. She does not have a moblie data plan, and she cannot get one due to some restrictions. So she updates through SMS. Not very cost effective, […]

  • So sad, good things don’t last. RIP MJ

    Twitter, Plurk, Facebook were buzzing with the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I was at first sceptic about it. Hey, a King, or King of Pop don’t just drop dead like that, but he was only human It was only when I linked on all the links (like after 12 hours from the initial out […]