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  • Project Reach Causathon

    Project Reach Causathon

    Once again, Daphne of XPR has invited me to partake in another event. This time, it is one of a social cause, or rather, social causes. Causathon is a portmanteau of ’cause’ and ‘marathon’ to signify that the race for cause is one long journey. Our destination is World Peace. There are 85 SMa students […]

  • Plurk 1: Microsoft 0

    Microsoft has suspended a new internet messaging service in China, after it emerged that the site was partially based on code stolen from a rival startup. The site, Juku, launched in November is similar in concept to other online messaging systems like Twitter. But earlier this week the team behindPlurk, a young internet company based in […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-10-25

    @jonwithlove It can mean $xx.xx still four digits. in reply to jonwithlove # For all my life, i’ve been travelling frequently to most parts of singapore except the east side, even though i stay closer to the east. :S # @moby74 Take nap now, shop later? Hehe. in reply to moby74 # just cleared files […]