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  • Light Stencils

    Light Stencils

    Kudos to furryphotos for exposing me to light stencilling on Plurk. It is a photography technique whereby the photographer manipulate exposure settings, lighting conditions, and together with self-made dies to create really nice pictures. There is a tutorial on light stencilling on Deviant Art. You can view more of light stencils on Flickr by searching…

  • Exercising in School

    Cherlynn shared something on Plurk, which I think validly applies to everyone at some point(s) in life: 😆 😆 😆

  • Paper Furniture

    I just watched an episode of All About Paper, an infotainment show which re-ran on Channel News Asia. Surprisingly, even a 2008 show can be refreshing! It showcased on how paper can be a material used for functional home furnishing. The episode featured three products made from paper. They are Honey Comb Lamp (pictured), FlexibleLove…