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I just watched an episode of All About Paper, an infotainment show which re-ran on Channel News Asia. Surprisingly, even a 2008 show can be refreshing! It showcased on how paper can be a material used for functional home furnishing. The episode featured three products made from paper. They are Honey Comb Lamp (pictured), FlexibleLove and Recycled Paper Table.

The Honey Comb Lamp is made from denguri paper. It is a type of paper used in Japan. Out of the all three products, it is the cheapest at 41 USD (white) and 60 USD (red). The way the paper lamp opens up reminds me of the lanterns we carry during the Lantern Festivals. I commented to my mom about having one for any events in the house. When not in use, it can be packed away with minimum space taken up. It is available at designboom shop. I probably be getting one. The only consideration that I have is where to put the lamp in my house. It is cluttered as it is without having anymore white elephants. Endoh asked an obvious question on plurk: Will it burn? Well, I say, have some faith in the designer.

The FlexibleLove is a chair made from recycled honey-combed paper. It can sit up to sixteen people at any time. It can be a good conversation ice-breaker, but at a cost of 500 USD. The Recycled Paper Table can be customised to individual’s needs. However, it comes at a hefty 3398 USD.

Picture credit: designboom

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