No Rest For The Weary

The following text is a random piece I have thought up within 20 minutes in school before chasing for the last bus. It is nothing fanciful, nothing spectacular, but just an expression of my current thoughts, feelings and mood.

I shall not sleep,
I shall not rest,
I shall not falter,
Till I end these right.

I shall not hope,
I shall not insist,
I shall not long,
Till I get this right.

I shall not hue,
I shall not cry,
I shall not moan,
For this is my want.

I should chase,
I should dream,
I should persist,
For this is my wish.

I will endure,
I will last,
I will stand,
For this is my trial.

There is no rest,
There is no peace,
There is only eternity,
For the weary.

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