Celebrating Values Day 2010

It is here again. Honestly, this is the only event that gets me excited as an alumnus of YJC. 😀

Tickets are priced at $10/-. They can be bought at the event itself or from any existing YJCians, students and teachers alike. If you see any YJCians on the street, stop them and ask for a ticket or two. 😆

The event will be held on the 27th Feb 2010, 9am – 5pm. It is a Saturday, exactly a month away. Cross the date out for this funfair! There is no excuses such as you have to work or it is for family only. If your family day on Saturdays, CVD makes a great event for your kids to come. There are events targeting children and teenagers. If you are lazy to wake up from a long week at work, that’s what the 5pm end-time is for. If you stay in the east side of Singapore, that is what the 5pm is for too.

This is for a good cause. Proceeds from this year’s CVD will go to Singapore Disability Sports Council. In addition, to reflect Singapore as the host city for the inaugural Youth Olympics Games, CVD ‘s theme is “Fiesta de Olympic Agones” (Fiesta of Olympic Games). So do expect a day filled with games and fun!

Enough said, do visit the College’s CVD page on school website or make a reminder or two at Facebook or in your calendar!

Poster Credit: Yishun Junior College

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