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  • Facebook adds stickers to chat on desktop

    Facebook adds stickers to chat on desktop

    For quite sometime, Facebook has stickers on the Messenger app on iOS and Android. So while the mobile users spamming away stickers in their chats (like me, no less), the desktop users watched in envy as the stickers are posted up on their chats. Facebook just enabled the stickers functionality (for me and a few batches […]

  • Of: PostPost.com

    Of: PostPost.com

    Those who are in my friend list on Facebook know that I am an avid sharer, sharing YouTube videos, interesting news, constant status updates, all just to distract them. Just kidding. Anyway, there is a new application in town! Not exactly an application, rather, a website: PostPost.com. This is the browser version of Flipboard. In […]

  • Facebook mining

    Apparently, there are scammers/data miners who are exploiting features, or lack of it, on Facebook. For many years, as far back as when Facebook first started, countless of users have been asking or requesting for a similar feature to Friendster’s “Who viewed my profile”. Steadfastly, Facebook held their ground and refuse to allow such a […]