Long ago, someone on Plurk mentioned about the size of clique that one can have. I did not follow the thread all the way. But the gist that I get up till the point I followed until was that the size of the clique that one can be in is self-adjusting.

Just how many cliques we were in but still, either due to natural death of the clique or differences with one, got out in the end?

OK, I drifted a bit. Anyway, I was at this birthday party and I realised how small a clique can be. There are four of us. One is the center of attention for that night, another attended, the other two not present due to some reasons. The one attended felt a bit out of place as there was figuratively no one with previous contact before. Oh well, but managed to make some friends there in the end… One advice: Please don’t get mad at her. Sometimes, it is really 必不得意的.

On a side note, someone knows me through some blogposts from the past. Now, what did my dearest friend wrote about me on the blog years ago. Urgh. Time to revisit the past. LOL.


Happy 21st to BEATRICE! Hope you like the present I bought.

To VR: Happy 2Xth Birthday! Sorry for refusing to make the call for you. I just hope you can break out from the past.

To the rest: Happy Birthday!

To myself: 29 days to ORD!

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