Quote from Mummy: Blog & Block

I came back home just past midnight. I was out with friends from the Net, specifically from Plurk. We had supper at Lau Pat Sat after a session of Open Room by Ogilvy. I was not present at the session. Instead, I spent time trying to study at the Central Library. Apparently studying at library still does wonders for me.

My mum asked who I was with and I replied, “Friends from the Net.”

“What are they doing currently?” “Some (work) full-time. Some study.”

“What’s the work (regarding)?’” “Oh, IT related. And some this and that.”

In jest she said,

Wah, day in, day out, Internet and blog.
Blog, blog, blog, wait become a block.

Note to my online friends, no offence please. It was just in jest.

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