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  • Short-takes: Slack

    Despite of having a busy schedule, I feel that I am getting too slack at studies. Time to buck up! Oh, by the way, this blog is undergoing revamp. For starters, I have changed the theme to Arras. Next on the list: Background image Streamlining of the bloated list of categories. In a sense, this…

  • Passed

    Yay!!!! I passed the 3 papers! So much for worrying. So now what? I have to come to terms that the next set of exams will cost me 10% more than I expected. They raised the price. And oh, one of the next few papers does actually fall on my ORD date.

  • How to get an A+ in SMU

    Do take note, this is not a guide to getting an A+ in SMU or in any other learning institutions. The video is made by an Amanda Cheong in her last semester in SMU.