How Much Can A Cup Of Bubble Tea Do?

I remembering plurking a similar title last month.

brokenshardz asks how much can a simple $1.50 cup of bubble tea do? (via)

All I got was about it being a sugar fix and a fat booster. The syrup used does contain plenty of sugar, while each pearl had 3g of fats. Admittedly, I am a fan of bubble tea. Almost every time I book out of my camp, I will go to Sweet Talk to get my cup. And I book out at least 3 times a week. Now, every staff in the store knows me.

Socially, a cup of bubble tea can foster bond between people. Whenever I am out of camp (for the matter of fact, anyone who gets time off), my campmates will request for cups of bubble tea, among other food stuff, to nurse their sweet tooth without fail. It is so easy to score points within the unit. However, we are obliged to buy for the rest as they do not get/want to take time off.

Personally, I will usually get a cup of bubble tea especially so when I am having sharing with friends over phone or face to face. It would not work well over MSN or Plurk. I like the fuzzy feelings I will get from all the sharing and… from the bubble tea. A cup of bubble tea will last for an hour of phone conversation. A cup of bubble tea will leave a aftertaste of sweetness for another 30 minutes, just like how the contents of the sharing keep repeating in the mind for a day or two.

Ah, the bliss.

Credits: Singapore for the Koi Cafe image.

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