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  • I had friends I never knew I had

    I had friends I never knew I had

    I am an active user on Facebook. There was a number that was bugging me: 1,740 friends. Facebook used to have an upper limit of 1,000 friends, and now 5,000. But truely, how many of these friends do one actively maintained relationships with? Robin Dubar suggested 150. However, there are mechanisms to cope with expanding […]

  • Of: Truth about Singapore Management University: Elitist, muggerish and overcompetitive

    Recently, an SMU graduate posted on Transitioning.org about his experience during his study. My response is in bold. Hi, I have graduated from SMU for almost three years. To be honest, I don’t have any sentimental or nostalgic feelings for the school. >> Hi, I am still reading Information Systems Management in SMU and will […]

  • What is it like…

    What is it like…

    To go back to the days when Facebook is not the primary mode of communication? Admittedly, the website has invaded in most aspects of my life. I am constantly on Facebook via an array of devices. I receive notification alerts on my iPod Touch; I receive email notifications through my GMail account. I chat with […]