Tag: Technology

  • Stripping Weapon

    As a NS(F), we are trained in weaponry. An ordinary soldier like me learns how to strip weapons with hands. More advanced stripping includes stripping weapons blindfolded. However, these soldiers take the cake. They are stripping Machine Guns with their feet. Watch the feat! Iranian Soldiers Stripping Machine Guns With Their Legs

  • Education: TED.com

    Jon just introduced me to a tool to generate graphical representation of the world and he showed me a video on how it came about. After watching the video, both of us came to the conclusion that the tool is an exceptionally helpful aid in any levels of education. In secondary school, it can be…

  • Online Game: My Brute Cheat

    Looks like someone managed to create a bot for My Brute and someone on the Net is not happy about this. I saw this post through Twitter when I searched for the game. I was interested in how popular is this game getting. The original post is in German. Initially using Google translator, now translated…