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  • News: Who’s This Girl?

    Thank you Brennan, for the traffic from your post, “Eye Candy on The Straits Times”. Hopefully, it doesn’t make us look like perverts. But it is true that she is a chick. Her body proportion is just alright to me. And I quote Brennan, from that plurk thread, Hopefully she isn’t on steroids. and, from […]

  • Sharing IP addresses

    I was scrolling through my blog stats as provided by the WordPress plugin when I saw this interesting referrer: http://reverse.4storage.net/?s=kaspersky.com.sg&submit=Reverse%20it%21&c2nd=c2nd What kind of link is this? It doesn’t really look like a search engine. Not caring if it is a phishing site, I just decided to click on the link. My logic is if someone […]

  • Windows 7 Beta

    I have tried Windows 7 Beta for barely 2 weeks, before my brother decided to plug it. He thought that the video card error is caused by the OS. Whatever, I am waiting for him to re-install the Beta and set the computer on dual boot. I don’t know where he put the installation file. […]