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  • Barbarella and her weather forecast

    Before MDA or Mediacorp decides to pull the video off Youtube, watch it. For people who cannot view YouTube videos, here is the line: “Oh, my arm says that the rain won’t come today. … But my boyfriend will come tonight. … … Twice! (bimbo pose)” SEXEHH!

  • For some tongue-in-cheek…

    For some tongue-in-cheek…

    On 29 Nov 2010, Spanish woman, Angeles Duran told the world (ok, the newspaper, online edition of daily El Mundo) that she now owns the Sun via a creative reading of the law. (Source: Woman now ‘owns’ the Sun) Now, this provides a necessary avenue for people to ligate against the unwanted effects of the […]

  • Light Stencils

    Light Stencils

    Kudos to furryphotos for exposing me to light stencilling on Plurk. It is a photography technique whereby the photographer manipulate exposure settings, lighting conditions, and together with self-made dies to create really nice pictures. There is a tutorial on light stencilling on Deviant Art. You can view more of light stencils on Flickr by searching […]