Samsung Singapore’s Facebook slip

Usually, I can’t be bothered with who post up complaints on SingTel as they are usually the same types. It is only this particular morning when I noticed someone who used Samsung Singapore’s account to post on SingTel’s wall… It was deleted moments later, but posted under someone whose name is Peter Lim. A quick check on LinkedIn shows a Peter Lim with Samsung Singapore whose role is Digital Marketing Manager. Not sure if both Peter Lims are the same. But it is certainly a great morning laughter material to cheer up one’s Monday blues (but certainly not Peter Lim).

2 responses to “Samsung Singapore’s Facebook slip”

  1. You got me there, Robert. It was a personal complaint really. When i realised the slip up, i deleted the post immediately and reposted under my real name. Sometimes the finger is faster than the brain, no? No need to hide under anonymity too as there is no malicious intent here. Just genuine feedback. I was glad to say Singtel understood and had agreed to waive the charges.

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