On the receiving end of DMCA notice

Frankly, I would not care much as sometimes the materials I upload is indeed copyright infringement. But hey, that is to share! Anyway, those are in the minority. However, I have received one DMCA notice on Facebook:


We have removed or disabled access to the following content that you have posted on Facebook because we received a notice from a third party that the content infringes their copyright(s):

Group: LTB

Now, I would not mind if they take down the content, but at least do let me see what is the content that is being taken down first. Be like YouTube where at least a screen grab of the offending video with the title is shown to the user. In this case, they took down the entire group, a closed group to boot with at the most 6 other users have access to it? Hell, it is a school project group. Who would be interested in taking down the content from there? And in the first place, other than my groupmates, who would have the access to the content? And also, they did not tell me who or which organisation stake the claim on my group. If it is my group title, there are plenty of groups with the same title.

Out of curiosity and for a want of explanation, I tried looking for a reply-to email (which was unfortunately, not supplied with the notification email) for an explanation. After clicking numerously through their Help site, I landed on the counter-claims page. And file it, I did. You would too if you are lost and wondering if there is a direct line of communication for you to seek explanation.

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