Guide: Joining Your Computer To SMU’s Network From Anywhere


  1. I am assuming that you are setting up a brand new computer with no previous domain been joined to your computer. If joined, i.e., to your previous school’s/office’s network, no worries! The following steps will erase that. Just be sure to backup all files before you start!
    1. Install the VPN software that was listed above. Be wary, the first installer merely unpack the files needed, You will have to go to the directory that the files are unpacked to to run the real installation.
    2. Run the VPN software once the installation is done. Input your school logon information.

      1. Username:
      2. Password: yourpassword
  2. Go to your System Properties page by right-clicking on My Computer and then left-clicking on Properties.
  3. Under computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, click on Change settings. You will require administration elevation.
  4. Under Computer Name tab, click on the Change button to rename your computer or change its domain or workgroup.
  5. Enter the following values:
    1. Computer name: your user id, excluding the dots, in CAPS. i.e., –> USERNAME2010
    2. Domain: smustu
    3. Do note that any existing domain accounts and data within them with associated with your previous school/workplace may be deleted.
  6. Click OK and let the computer to detect the school domain controller.
    1. If it returns a massage saying that the domain controller cannot be found, enter under Domain. Double check that the VPN connection is still active.
  7. Once done, restart the computer.
  8. Drink your cup of coffee.
  9. Once restarted, login to your local administrator account. Run the VPN program again as per point 1.3.
  10. Switch user! Do not log off! You will need the VPN connection. The connection will still be live while the local account is still logged in.
  11. In the login page, input the follow:
    1. Username:
    2. Password: yourpassword
  12. Now, your school account should be loading.
  13. Once you have entered, log out.
  14. Log in back to your local administration account. Navigate your way to Computer Management by either:

    1. Search for it, or
    2. from Control Panel –> Adminstrative Tools
  15. Open the Administrators Group under System Tools –> Local Users and Groups –> GroupsCapture3
  16. Add your school account to the Group:
    1. Check that is displayed as the location. If not, double check that your VPN connection is still connected.Capture
    2. Enter your user name: and Check name. Ok and Apply any needed items.
  17. With this, then you are done. Restart if you have to.
  18. Finish your cup of coffee.

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