Guide: Joining Your Computer To SMU’s Network From Anywhere


  1. A computer. Be it a desktop or laptop.
  2. A Windows OS. This guide is written based on Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit edition. Not all variants of the Windows OS works. Here is a list of what (may) work:
    1. Windows 7 Professional and above.
    2. Windows Vista Business and above.
    3. Windows XP Professional with SP3. SP1 and SP2 may work too, but who has yet to update to SP3?

    Any version not listed here, like Windows 7 Home Premium, you are out of luck.
    For SIS students only: you may access to Windows 7 Professional if you need to for free from the faculty’s MSDN’s stash (Requires your school logon information). Read more of it here.

  3. Cisco VPN software and school’s VPN certificate. Download it here (requires your school logon information).
  4. If you are configuring your laptop in school, but for some godforsaken reason, you refuse to go to the CIT Helpdesk (like I did), use SMUPGIP network for internet access, or find a LAN port. The CIT Helpdesk people won’t bite you. It was just that I was experimenting around will my laptop at that point in time.
  5. Backup your data. As in the disclaimer, don’t come running to me on how to recover your data from an erased account or corrupted hard-disk.
  6. A cup of coffee to enjoy the process.

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