Fog of War

The following video shows how fog of war affects a battle, no matter how one sided it is.

Questions to be asked:

  1. How did the guys up in the air mistook cameras for weapon? There is no way in my eyes that the cameras can be RPGs and no metals showing AK-47 bodies.
  2. What are the RoEs in Iraq? In a short overlay of words by a reporter in the video, he mentioned that the American forces has a thing against people gathering.
  3. How did the intelligence officers in the military or even any other agencies, if any, not managed to find the images and kids in the van, and body not being ran over by a tank? And yet ordinary people on the streets managed to spot them out and even magnified the video for all to witness?
  4. The children were injured due to the pilots rash and unprofessional behavior (don’t let me get started on their com chatter) and yet the top brass decided that they are not responsible by sending them away to a local hospital and not a military medical centre? One word: WOW.

This video was just released by wikileaks, a site that specialises in providing damning materials while protecting their sources identity.

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