VPN woe

Being a relatively new operating system, Windows 7 has a lot of software that are not compatible to run with. And it so happens that a crucial software, Cisco VPN Client that they offer is not workable.

I tried using the VPN client that is embedded into the OS, but it could not work. I did not have the secret key and I doubt that the IT department is willing to give the secret key away so freely.

After trawling the Net for hours, I found that there is actually a beta client offered by Cisco. However, to download it, I have to be a ‘partner’ with Cisco. Unfortunately, I am not. So I managed to get a copy.

It works so far. No errors, but the only thing that I can say is that, use at your own risk. The file that is linked is not uploaded up me. And remember to install the officially supported version when your organisation releases one.

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