Since when I became a hacker?

Hmm… A very good question.

I was looking through the Firestats data and found a direct link from a site, detoxboss. Interested, I checked it out.

A search on Google yields the following:

I found your site through google, searching for – because I, as well, got referrers from it, and at the moment I checked it, my site was listed as the culprit. Aren’t we evil little things. *smiles*

I checked the site again now, a few minutes later, and now there isn’t any site listed at the top, just a “http://” – wonder who will be next up there.
One thing I really wonder about though, is if it really is a hacked site, or simply some “fraud” script or something, and the domain only existing for this sole purpose… ah well. Whatever.

– a comment, reproduced in full, posted on SixOne6

Oh well.

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