Online Game: My Brute!


Thanks to Sheylara, the entire Plurk neighbourhood is buzzing with mybrute threads. This is a simple flash animated game which characters bash each other to “settle your differences in the arena”. Join me at

Tips to win the fight and gain experience:

  1. Survival of the fittest. At the arena, select an opponent with health lower than you and his/her stats are equivalent to yours.
  2. Know thy enemy. Before enter the match, open a new browser or tab and type “”. This will display the weapons and bonus available for the fight. Generally, the more weapons and more bonus you have over your opponent, you will fare better. However, there are some weapons or bonus that can help  your opponent to beat you. Do take note of this.
  3. Be a bully. Keep challenging the same brute over and over again if you know that the brute is a sure win.
  4. Have more pupils. The more pupils you recruit, the chance of you gaining experience without doing anything increases. Just provide your link (like mine above) in forums, blogs, where ever, and hope that someone will register under you. Alternatively, you can create multiple accounts under one master account and level up all of them every time.
  5. Keep your account locked. To prevent people from entering fights without your knowledge, password your account. The fights others enter for you may not be winning ones. In other words, they just want to hamper your progress.
  6. Heck about my advice. For starters, have fun. When you are bored having fun, then be serious with the game. ;P