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  • Jogathon @ MacRitchie

    In one of the earlier post, I mentioned about the upcoming Jogathon. I forgotten to post up the details of the event. I am lazy to phrase everything in my own words (my JC GP tutors are going to kill me :-P), so here is the word for word version: Dear friends and alumni, We […]

  • Exams are over!

    Yeah!!!  OK. This set of exams was over 2 days ago. I screwed my last paper. I was tired from doing duty for four days. I didn’t know my limit. Now I know better. Still, I could answer all the questions and hopefully all the papers have a pass grade printed on my report card. […]

  • Carnival: YJC CVD 2009 – Afterthoughts

    I went back to YJC at 1pm. I was lazy to walked to school, so I took a bus there instead. I do have a concession to utilise. I met Wen Song at General Office, then Jeremy and Took Yao (did I spell correctly). I then realised that it will be a day of reunion. […]