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  • GE: Discretion is needed.

    GE: Discretion is needed.

    Now that it is cooling day officially, I got to say, please exercise your discretion on the Net. Yes, the netizens are highly biased against the incumbent party, but then again, not every post or photo is believable. For one, a screenshot purporting a PAP support group urging the receiver, who claims to receive it […]

  • Singapore Handphone Number Assignment

    I was kind of bored one day and a better part of my curiosity lead me IDA website to find out about the number assignment for handphone. I was also tired of asking friends which telco’s service they are using so I can use the Internet SMS services. Singtel and Starhub provide free Interenet SMS […]

  • Family on Twitter

    OK, half of my family is on Twitter: my mom (though she rarely check on that), my sister and me. My sister mainly uses tweet.sg to update her tweets. She does not have a moblie data plan, and she cannot get one due to some restrictions. So she updates through SMS. Not very cost effective, […]