Tag: Singapore Management University

  • SMU Open House 2010

    For the past few years, I went to university open house events as a prospective student. This year, it was different. I was there as a student helper. My role there was to usher people into the function room for the talks and out to the other levels and talks. However like all jobs, there…

  • Another Point of View – Early Matriculation

    When I got the call to go down to the admin office for an early matriculation, the only thought was how nice it would be to get back to the education route and getting out of NS fast. Recently, I landed onto a post offering another point of view on this matter: Look, it’s my…

  • Early Matriculation

    I have received the letter from SMU. After deliberating on it for a few days, I decided to enroll… University stress, here I am!