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  • The modern day Forrest Grump

    OK, the title is a bit overrated. Anyway, there is this guy in Europe who completed a marathon per day for the past one year, beating the previous record of 52 consecutive marathon runs. He averages four hours per session, and 2hrs 56 minutes for his shortest. Stefaan Engels, dubbed “Marathon Man”, began his challenge…

  • Perk of working

      Many times in the day, we would have felt dejected and unappreciated at work. However, there are occasions when we do feel appreciated and loved at work. Me and my friend were processing applications at an undisclosed institution when we saw this Post-itTM note pasted on the front of the supporting documents that she…

  • Exercising in School

    Cherlynn shared something on Plurk, which I think validly applies to everyone at some point(s) in life: 😆 😆 😆