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  • [Youtube] Time to Say Goodbye – Fountain Act

    Dubai has this mega fountain setup that goes with the song, Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Enjoy the sight. P.S. You may want to view it in HD and fullscreen. Yes, it is that good (I seldom open Youtube/Facebook videos in HD and in fullscreen).

  • Big Bang – Haru Haru 하루 하루

    Both videos are different music videos of the same song. I prefer the first one as it tells a sad story of the girl not wanting her guy to know about her illness and get hurt due to it. His friends played along but ended up telling him. However he did not manage to say…

  • Micheal Jackson: His Life, His Words

    Thanks to Linny for putting this picture on Plurk: The words in darker fonts are the titles of his songs. Rest in peace, old King of Pop, Michael Jackson.