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  • Music Progression

    Music Progression

    I had another draft regarding my interest in choral music. I decided to trash it since it was becoming more of a recounting post. I try to keep it brief here. I always wanted to be in choir ever since primary school right after a performance my primary school choir put up during an assembly. […]

  • Trip to Bandung – Day One

    End May, I went to Bandung, Indonesia on a choir trip with SMU Chamber Choir. It was an eye opener. Singapore 30 May 2010 – The time was 9.30am. I arrived at Changi Airport 30 minutes late. I was not the only one, but still it was bad to be late. Everyone was gathering and […]

  • [Youtube] Bach – Air (the human volin)

    [Youtube] Bach – Air (the human volin)

    Since young, I am immersed in classical music just because my dad used to insist on listening to 92.4FM while driving then. However, my formal introduction to classical music came was when I had to go for music lessons in secondary school. Don’t get me wrong, primary school does have music lessons too, but the […]