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  • ACCA examinees to bring ballpoint pen.

    ACCA has recently use on-screen marking to grade the papers. Answer scripts are scanned and digitalised. The electronic version of the scripts is then sent to the markers for grading. Therefore, to ensure that the answers are scanned into the computers, a black ballpoint pen is needed. Further care is needed by not writing the […]

  • Concentration needed

    My lecturer just produced some frightening figures from last semester’s exam papers. Apparently, the four papers I am taking are among those with the lowest passing rate. Hence, it is time for me to drop my happy-go-lucky attitude from now on. My updates on the Net is increasingly rare and it will remain this way. […]

  • Results

    My ACCA results are coming out on the 17th. I didn’t actually bother if my results will be bad. I was dealt with academic failures before. I failed my promos once, got retained for it. I am really apathetic to this now. My lecturer today asked the class how many are not waiting for results […]