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  • Marital Rape

    Men, Women Divided Over Sex Bill By Nikia Deveaux Tongues are wagging over a proposed amendment to the controversial Sexual Offences Act, which has men and women all over The Bahamas sounding off. The bill, which is designed to outlaw marital rape, was tabled in the House of Assembly last month. However, many Bahamian men,…

  • Micheal Jackson: His Life, His Words

    Thanks to Linny for putting this picture on Plurk: The words in darker fonts are the titles of his songs. Rest in peace, old King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

  • So sad, good things don’t last. RIP MJ

    Twitter, Plurk, Facebook were buzzing with the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I was at first sceptic about it. Hey, a King, or King of Pop don’t just drop dead like that, but he was only human It was only when I linked on all the links (like after 12 hours from the initial out…