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  • Nepal: The trek to Annapurna Base Camp Day 02 – Bump In!

    Nepal: The trek to Annapurna Base Camp Day 02 – Bump In!

    Day 2 started hot. Apparently, Kathmandu is on rolling blackout, or also known as load shedding. The fan was switched off as a result (so were the phones we were charging). Low investment in power generation, high levels of corruption, and political turmoil have resulted in one of the most severe power shortages in the […]

  • Singapore Food in Xiamen

    Singapore Food in Xiamen

    One thing that all my friends, and eventually me, miss on exchange or while travelling on extended trip is Singapore food. Nothing beats having food from home regardless of where you are. So it was a pleasant surprise to find Singaporean-run restaurant here in Xiamen! The lady boss (whom we call her “Auntie” on the […]

  • Shodoku: Street of Japan – Hereen Outlet

    I managed to eat at Shodoku: Street of Japan outlet at Hereen 3 days back. My superior treated me to lunch there, otherwise I would not be going there. It took over Marche premises and adopted the same concept of having a central ordering area. The concept does not work as well as Marche, in […]