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  • For some tongue-in-cheek…

    For some tongue-in-cheek…

    On 29 Nov 2010, Spanish woman, Angeles Duran told the world (ok, the newspaper, online edition of daily El Mundo) that she now owns the Sun via a creative reading of the law. (Source: Woman now ‘owns’ the Sun) Now, this provides a necessary avenue for people to ligate against the unwanted effects of the […]

  • Live crabs coming near you!

    Live crabs coming near you!

    I saw this video from Chillycrap’s blog post. It is a truly novel way to get the crabs out in the market, and they even offer a 1 dead for 3 live crabs replacement guarantee. Got me wondering. How did they stuff the crabs into the tiny little boxes?

  • An interactive advert on Youtube

    Using Youtube as a platform to interactive with your customer base is not a brand new concept. Old Spice had it done well. It helped Old Spice to capture the market share in United States. Watch the case video below. Tipp-Ex decides to kick it up a notch. Somehow, it convinced Youtube to turn its […]