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  • Experienced The Right Room with AsiaRooms.com

    Experienced The Right Room with AsiaRooms.com

    This post is two weeks over due, as I was caught up with the crazy school workload. In any case, I do hope this still reached out in time to my readers. On the 23rd of March, I was invited by AsiaRooms.com for its launch for its search for Singapore’s next social travel star. The […]

  • CommunicAsia 2010 – The Skype Experience & Giveaway!

    Once again, I have to thank Daphne from XPR for the chance to interact with Peter Parkes (as seen explaining the features of Skype on TV) at the Skype booth at CommunicAsia 2010. Just in case you do not know who is Peter Parkes, he leads the social media function at Skype as part of […]