Pentatonix in Singapore

I caught the last show that Pentatonix had in Singapore last Thursday, buying the tickets at the last moment despite raising it up much earlier on Facebook.

It was awesome. I mean, they sounded awesome over YouTube and iTunes. But hearing them live simply blow your mind off. The harmonies were great and the chemistry between the members was electrifying.

A thumbs down for not allowing DSLRs and other cameras into the theatre, and yet allowing the audience to whip out their phones and start photographing and recording the show. Heck, there’re some even recorded the entire performance from their seats. I am guilty of this as well. Sometimes, I do wish that we can live in the moment of time, commit it to our memories instead of taking out our electronic devices and record. There professional recordings which we can entertain ourselves with, rather than our poor, amateurish attempts.

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At the end of the show, I decided to buy their Vol II. To my much contentment, I enjoy the CD as much as it is when its live… OK, not as much as when live, but close enough.

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