As we usher in 2013…

Let me look back at 2012.

2012 had been a hectic year, as was with 2011. As usual, I overloaded myself with modules, assignments and side projects. As usual, my 2012 New Year resolutions were not kept. I did not lose weight. My grades were maintained than improved.

What was different between 2011 and 2012 are the friends I made and the friends I kept. They were and forever always are a great bunch of people to work and enjoy with. I gained a great group of friends or two.

Forged by our common times together struggling over the planning and steering of our CCA, SMU Assurance and Advisory Team and despite of our vast differences (I wondered how the earlier executive committee placed us together), we managed to our best abilities and deliver as much as possible. Additionally, grabbing the opportunity at Accenture’s Skill of Succeed competition with new-found friends was a good idea indeed. I picked up plenty and learned a lot from Accenture and my friends. We got 1st runner up eventually.

Through my non-curricular activities, I made more friends through Quora; I reconnected with friends from and Youth Olympic Games days; I relived the joy of casual PC gaming through friends from Hackerspace SG.  I learned how to have fun, and be fun once more.

Through my academic studies, I made friends whom I don’t mind sharing my thoughts aloud and being silly in front of them. Without them, I guess opening up and accepting old wounds would not be possible. 2012 was also the year I had my first In-Camp Training. It was refreshing from the usual hustle and bustle I had for the past 2-3 years, and I now understand why the NSMen I interacted during my active days welcomed ICTs.

31st December 2012 also marks the end of my heightened state of committing oneself endlessly to projects, executive committees and other random stuff. I guessed I have kept myself busy all these while, ever since JC, when I became very distracted from studies. The sole goal of keeping myself from thinking too much is no longer there. Time does heal scars, no matter how deep they are. 5 years. 5 years is more than enough. I was probably made aware to this fact much earlier, just that I was in denial. Until now.

2013 should be the time for me to take a slower pace and really discover myself once more. I can afford this indulgence, since I had overloaded myself for too long, leaving too little modules for myself for the next two years. Enough of hustling, it is time to reap what I sowed and tie up loose ends. 

Welcome to 2013.

P.S. The Mayans were right. It was the end of the world for me, in a good way.  😉

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