Catching Up on Blogging

So apparently, I gotten busy to the point that I am neglecting this blog. Very bad, very bad. :X

Currently, I am working on my FYP project. My team is creating an iPad application which displays personalised feeds on kPop news. The personalisation factor would include the user’s ranking of artists and user’s interactions with the application.

At the same time, I am developing a custom CMS for one of my CCAs. Why customised? It is a part of on whim, but also a part of on wanting to explore the process of developing a web application that is not defined by school or scope. 😀 The site is not up yet as I am aiding the school office, who is backing my CCA and a few others, to shift the servers to a new host.

Even then, the progress would be slow as my attention is also split in several other module projects such as negotiation report, Search Engine Technology projects and Accounting Information System project.

It will be fun for this semester still as I have rejoined the choir after a break and a throat ulcer and intend to play tennis to my fullest this time round.

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