Busy holidays

Holidays: A day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. (sic)

But it does not seem so for me. My “summer holidays” is busier than a normal school term. That fact that this entry is 1.5 months from the previous entry proves this even if I have had the backend as a permanent tab on the RockMelt browser.

In any case, I hope I had and will be enjoying whatever is left of my holidays by getting back into the tandem of life that I used to have back in JC. Oh well…

On a positive note, one of my friends finally managed to get into SMU SIS this year, after a nerve wrecking interview and 80 odd questions on Java and Python on her try on the discretionary admission program that SIS administration is trying out this year and another interview thereafter. So proud of her.

Oh oh, 2PM released a new MV that is shot in Singapore. The last time a major MV was by some Bollywood star, I think. Anyway, here is my comment: If only Zouk is this bright on normal operating hours. But then again, it is a great promotional shot for Singapore.

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