[Youtube] A stunt that went wrong

Everyone knows that break dancing can be dangerous when the stunts pulled go wrong. The dancer will end up with broken bones or even death at the worst. Still, people do give them the due respect and admiration for the highly energetic routine. It was probably this admiration that led to this poor kid ploughing into a dancer do a flip.

Now, many people has commented that it is the parent who is in the wrong for letting the child running into the dancer. Some, however, beg to differ. Personally, I feel that it is the parent’s fault. Little kids are curious little tots, wanting to explore the unknown, reckless to some extent. The parent should have recognised the dangers of break-dancing even if it was her first time seeing it live. One can judge by the wide berth given to the dancer by the audience. “But the dancer should do a check on the surroundings before each stunt!” Break-dance is a highly upbeat dancing. There is very little rest time in between each moves. If he were to check each time, he would have broken the routine, the pace and the energy that is unique to this dance.

The little kid would probably live to see the day, may be except to fear loud music and fast moving objects.

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