Social Media Exposure Fail

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Sorry to whoever who wrote the above comment. But…

  1. I do not have the time in November to attend events. Or rather, I do not know what will be my timetable like for the coming month and I do not want to complicate my schedule unnecessarily.
  2. Learn something about social media please. Although I am not an expert on this subject, as a normal blogger, I am kind of offended that you posted a comment that is not really related to the post. Yes, you can say that it is my fault that my contact page was broken then. It has been rectified. Still, I am offended.
  3. On point 2, you got to know that WordPress comment form uses HTML code, not BB-code. The IMG code you used does not work.
  4. Proof-read your message please. You send out an invite, send it out proper. You do not drop a letter in the name of the event, which is (un)fortunately blacked out. And mind the language too.

Usually I accept or decline invitation to the person inviting me in kind and I feel rude not replying to invitations. Despite your comment being landed in the moderation queue (due to the comment moderation policy I have on here), it is ultimately for public viewing. Hence, a suitable way to reply: this blog post:

I thank you for your kind invitation. However, I have to politely decline it. I wish you will do well in all your future endeavours.

My regards.

P.S. I will not approve the comment posted. I simply do not know how to edit out those parts I have blacked out without affecting the integrity of the invitation. It will just sit on my moderation queue for propensity sake.

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