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A few weeks back my Twitter account got phished (somehow. I have no idea at all). It was maddening at first, but I just had to shoot a help request to un-suspend my account. Over the week, I waited for action and it did came. My account is mine again and along with it there is an explanation why my account got suspended. Here is part of it:

… all indications are that your account was phished and this did not take place on Twitter. It would appear that somewhere else you input your username (or e-mail) and password for Twitter; they then took control of your account and used it to follow people and send out (at least) two messages that you did not send, both of which linked to a phishing site.

The only new stuff I tried out are the mobile apps for Twitter and TweetDeck. TweetDeck didn’t give me any problems. As for the mobile apps, I am not too sure. But anyway, I am not getting mobile apps onto my phone as not one is suiting to my needs.

Speaking of that, Plurk Mobile is getting boring… Haix…

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