Britain Got Talent. Does Singapore have?

Recently on Youtube, there are videos of 2 singers on the reality show, Britain Got Talent that are generating millions of views. And these videos are only 3 weeks or so old.Thess 2 singers are shining in the videos like stars. Drawing parallel to Singapore, do we have such creative talents? I doubt so. Shows like Singapore Idol, the Superstar series have yet to generate stars of eqivalent standings. Where is Taufik, Slyvester and the rest now? The only few of note are Candice and Kelly Poon. The latter for wrong reasons. Enough of talk and let’s view the 2 videos. For copyright reasons, the embed links are not working. Instead I will leave the links below.

Britain Got Talent – Susan Boyle

Britain Got Talent – Shaheen Jafargholi

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