Youtube: Compare these 2 videos

Salut d’Amor


杨丞琳 – 庆祝

What is the similarity between them? For those with keen ears, it is the tune. In 杨丞琳’s 庆祝, the tune of Salut d’Amour is being used. I did not realise the fact until I chanced upon the video of this violinist playing the song. I had a time in finding the modern pop song. I requested for help in Plurk. Linny at first thought it was Cyndi Wang’s song. However, Jasmine, who surrounds herself with music everyday in her work, identified the song correctly.

Now there are more pop songs that draw on classical music or are reworks of the classical songs. Who can ever forget about the rock version of Canon in D?

Jeery C – Canon in D (Rock version)

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