Lateral thinking

After helping Willy with his event at the Grassroot Club along with Huishan on the 24th Jan, we had a supper at Willy’s favourite carrot cake stall somewhere on Ang Mo Kio. It somehow lead to a lateral thinking session. If I am not wrong, it all started with Huishan going, "Open, close. Open, open, close. Open or close?" (I still cannot figure it out still.)

Then Willy went on with more lateral thinking questions. It was fun to see Huishan puzzling over some of them.

Question 1:

I like apple, but I don’t like pear.
I like glass, but I don’t like window.
I like bottle, but I don’t like container.
I like noodles, but I don’t like rice.

Construct the next line with the format: I like _____, but I don’t like _____.

There are other questions too, but most of them need hand motions to complete them. However, I supplied with another question, which left my fellow Plurkers puzzled. Oh yes, the lateral thinking session was spilled over into Plurkville. Due to some language problem, I will display only the English translation.

The English translation:

3 worms line up in a row. The 1st worm says, "There are 2 worms behind me." The 2nd worm says, "There is 1 worm in front of me, and another behind. me"  The third worm says, "There is no worm in front of me, and no worm behind me." Why is this so?

The answer can be found here.

What other questions do you guys have?

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