Tidying Up

Everything here is almost done. I have officially shifted my blog to here. As what clauds has suggested, I am starting afresh on this blog. I will not import my previous blog posts. It reminds to be seen if I want to lock up my ‘past’ and just concentrate on my future.

As I am tidying up my online presence, I am neglecting my offline one. I have signed up for ACCA at SAA, but I don’t have the time to seriously hit the books due to my camp duties. I have been assigned to be an IC for some stuff for this audit period. The paperwork and corrections I have to make to my assigned location are draining me mentally and taking up the time I set aside for studying. Hopefully after this trying period, I can have the time to catch up and do serious for my studies.

Being active is good, but too active is like filling water over the brim of the pitcher…

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