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  • Advertising on Twitter, the wrong way

    Advertising on Twitter, the wrong way

    Recently, I have seen some tweets coming from an account, like this: Noticing the link, I went to Ad Plus Platform’s website and this is what they sell:   Paperless Flyer Distribution? Online, it is called spam. If anyone wants to advertise on Twitter, just use the system that Twitter has. It is definitely cheaper…

  • Clearly, doodling is much faster than writing

    Clearly, doodling is much faster than writing

    Picture paints a thousand words. I attended a training session by Nicholas Bate, who was brought in to brush up our presentation skills and widen our arsenal. Part of the session touched on creativity and how everyone can be creative at any point in time. As a part of a pressuring 90 seconds or so,…

  • Singapore Night Festival 2014

    Singapore Night Festival 2014

    I went to Singapore Night Festival 2014 on the opening night, 22nd August 2014. This year’s theme is “Bold and Beautiful”. Singapore Night Festival is held around the main museum belt, encompassing Singapore Management University, featuring a lineup of local and international artists. Album: Singapore Night Festival 2014 | Facebook After walking about for a…